Allison Wier

May 2, 2019

Ms. Allison Wier, Director of Sales at Live Nation and WRC Board of Directors member, says having a strong and vibrant downtown is very important to the success of The Queen in Wilmington.


“Having great spaces downtown just amplifies our guests’ experience. Live Nation is all about making sure people have a fantastic time in any of our venues.”


“If someone comes into the city to enjoy a show and their experience is enhanced by easy and safe parking, fun cocktails before the show, a great dinner before or after a show—It only makes people want to come back to our venue or maybe bring their friends to Market Street and say, ‘We went to The Queen for an event but we saw this cute restaurant, or saw this neat art gallery, or fun coffee shop. When things are happening downtown, these things play off each other.”


This is why, Allison says, WRC’s work is so important to the success of Live Nation and why the company wants to be a part of the organization’s board.


“WRC really brings together so many factors that make a city livable,” said Allison. “We are one of the major anchors of the downtown area. Between our private events and concerts, we bring a lot of people downtown. It’s crucial that we have a presence on the WRC board to know what is happening. To be on the pulse and be a part of that change.”


In Allison’s view, WRC’s work in promotion of the arts through the Creative District and their new retail recruitment campaign through the New Market Wilm brand are two very important pieces of the puzzle when it comes to solidifying downtown as a place to live, work, and play.


“Cultivating the retail footprint of downtown is the next piece of the puzzle,” she said. “And I know that is something we are working on right now and will continue to work on. That is really what we need to do.”

When she’s not busy helping to promote and sell events at The Queen, Allison spends a lot of time with her nine-year-old daughter. Though when she does have some time to herself, she says she is usually reading a book or enjoying a film or attending a concert.


“I’m a big fan of true crime and mob movies,” she said. “Oh, and also history.”




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