Glenn Kocher

September 10, 2018

Glenn Kocher is a longtime Wilmington resident. Around 30 years in fact. He walks to work and is active in his community. As such, the perspective he adds to the WRC board is crucial as he can look at projects from a personal and professional perspective.


“WRC tasks itself with working to make Wilmington a place where people can live, work and play,” said Glenn. “And I do all of those things. I live very close to downtown – I walk four blocks to work each day – and I am engaged in the cultural arts available here and the restaurant scene as well.”


Currently, Glenn is Senior Vice President, Director of Small Business at WSFS Bank. Before he joined WSFS in 2002, Glenn worked in government and banking. Knowledgeable about the inner workings of government, the business community, and the nonprofit community, Glenn provides an important knowledge base to the WRC board.


“Government plays a role, business plays a role, and WRC fits in the middle,” he said. “A sort of middle point for big ideas and collaborative thinking. An organization that brings others to the table for a bigger impact.”


Glenn also has a leadership role on the WRC board. He currently chairs the development committee, which seeks out new members to join the organization.


“The city has changed,” said Glenn.  You can’t just lean on a few big employers. More small and medium size companies must participate. Most of the corporate community are members of WRC and participate in making the City vibrant.”


This, of course, includes WSFS, which has been headquartered in Wilmington for 186 years.


“Wilmington is our home,” said Glenn. “This is where most of our Associates come to work.  They want to feel like they live and work in a safe and vibrant community. It’s important for them to have things to do after work. As a bank, we’re not in the business of placemaking. But we can contribute ideas and thoughts about how employees are feeling. We have about 500 Associates in the City. So we want to contribute to the conversation and add our creative ideas to the mix.  Every member company, large or small, gets this opportunity.”

Glenn is a Drexel University alumnus. He also volunteered as a Board member for the YMCA of Delaware for 17 years. When he’s not enjoying the restaurants and amenities in Downtown, he enjoys biking, reading, the beach, and spending time with his family.

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