Dr. Peter A. Bailey

August 17, 2018

Though Wilmington University no longer has a physical presence in the city, the institution remains committed to Wilmington and its residents, says Dr. Peter A. Bailey, vice president of external and international affairs.


“We work with many local nonprofits that are helping the community in the city,” he said. “Economically speaking, for any business, whether you're a university or a bank, your employees and your customers are going to feel a lot better if the city evolves and improves.”


“The correlation is there,” Pete explains. Visual improvements and economic development drive positive change.


“The community sees the improvements WRC is working on and they start to change their attitudes and outlooks,” he said. “They see that there is an effort being made, that people care, and that there is work being done to improve the city. This attracts more businesses, which attracts capital, which attracts employment opportunities for the city.”


This is the reason why Wilmington University has remained a member of WRC’s board for many years. Pete says WRC, like Wilmington University’s other nonprofit partners, helps the city and its residents improve their future.


“It’s interesting however because, the work WRC is doing with the Creative District is a little different than the other organizations we partner up with,” said Pete “It tackles the issues with a different angle. It is helping the whole community instead of individuals directly. I think it improves the outlook for the whole community when they see what the Creative District provides.”


In his professional role with Wilmington University, Pete oversees Military Affairs, the Academic Partnership Office, International Recruiting and Partnerships, and the International Admissions and International Student Compliance offices. He has over 21 years of higher education experience and is a retired United States Air Force officer.


When he is not busy working, Pete likes to spend time on his boat, The Bay Hog, down in Dewey Beach.

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