Mr. Trevor Koenig, Treasurer of Wilmington Renaissance Corporation's Board

July 12, 2018

Currently serving as Treasurer for the Board of Directors, Trevor Koenig joined the board in 2012. His initial exposure to Wilmington Renaissance Corporation was during the implementation of the Big Ideas concept.


“The first thing that I remember doing as a board member was attending the brainstorming sessions,” said Trevor. “I remember being very interested in seeing that WRC was much more than just an economic development organization. We aren’t just tied to one thing. Wherever there needs to be some kind of community solution, the organization can play a role.”


WRC’s value is all the connections it brings to the table, Trevor explains. Funders, the city, other organizations that operate in the city, the businesses—all of these important connections are made through WRC.


“We’re the conveners of all the different points of view, and through that we identify the true needs of the city,” said Trevor. “The role that this organization plays in that is really interesting. And there is a performance history to back that up. You have to look at, who you’re bringing to the table, what are you accomplishing, and how well are you accomplishing it. And if you look at the Creative District, I think you’ll see a big success, albeit still ongoing.”


In his professional life, Trevor is a Communications Executive at Bank of America where he develops communication strategies to reach external influencer audiences. He is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara with a B.A. in Business Economics.


Trevor explains that Bank of America is very interested in connecting and becoming a part of the communities they serve, thus working with WRC was a perfect fit.


“The work that WRC does around building thriving communities is directly aligned with the work [Bank of America] wants to see done in the communities we serve,” said Trevor. “For us, it’s not just about giving; we also want to see the impact of what the organizations are doing with the contributions we give. The questions that WRC asks before starting a project are the same questions we as a company ask before doing the work we do. So, I think that WRC is actually one of the stronger organizations that support the same kind of community development work we do in the city.”


When he’s not busy working, Trevor is spending time with his family— his wife and two boys— and occasionally golfing. Fun fact: Trevor can play the guitar.


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