Dr. Edmondo J. Robinson, Vice Chair of Wilmington Renaissance Corporation's Board

June 28, 2018

Dr. Edmondo J. Robinson sees his and his organization’s involvement with WRC and its project as a natural connection.


“[Christiana Care Health System is] a corporate citizen,” said Edmondo. “We are the largest private employer in the State of Delaware. So, as a corporate citizen, it is in our best interest to align our objectives with WRC because WRC’s objectives are consistent with our interests as far as improving Wilmington. That helps us. Not just from a health perspective, but also from a business perspective.”


Edmondo’s role as Executive Director for Wilmington Hospital, as well as Chief Transformation Officer and Senior Vice President, Consumerism, puts him in a unique position. One that requires looking at all aspects of health when it comes to the city he serves.


“I think people traditionally see Christiana Care as a hospital system,” he said. “But that’s not what we are. We have hospitals, but we are a health system.


What this means, says Edmondo, includes striving to improve the “social determinants of health.” Things that can’t be treated in a hospital or with a prescription.


“They are economic factors, employment situations, educational levels, access to appropriate foods and things of that nature,” said Edmondo. “All of those things are important. “Violence and crime also affects your health. So part of our job is to figure out what is our role as a health system in helping to improve the health of a population, especially in those areas around social determinants that are not our forte.”


This is where WRC’s strength comes in. Through the work WRC has done with the Creative District, the organization has helped address some of these “social determinants.”


“All of the work around the Creative District and the improvement of downtown has been critically important,” said Edmondo. “It has direct implications on the health of that population and community. From basics such as broken windows, to working to change abandoned properties, and providing a change in programming and community activities in the neighborhood. These are areas that we already know are directly associated with improving the health of a disadvantaged community. WRC has really improved these neighborhoods in many ways.”


Edmondo says he is proud of the work WRC has been able to accomplish, and that he is glad he is able to help and bring his organization’s ideas to the table.


Fun Fact: When Edmondo is not busy running one of the state’s largest hospitals or participating in Board Meetings, he is zooming cars around racetracks. “I’m always working to beat my last time. It is how I get away from my job and focus on something different.”


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