Celebrating 25 Years.

May 29, 2018

May 16, 2018, it was a morning of forward and positive thinking. Big things are coming to Wilmington. BIG. And if you were able to get a seat at our 2018 Annual Meeting, you got an inside scoop on the details.


Dr. Carrie W. Gray, WRC managing director updated attendees on the latest Creative District and New Market Wilm news such as: The acquisition of the empty lot at 7th and West streets to change into a public park space, the development of a Kitchen Incubator for the Creative District, and the beginning of an aggressive retail recruitment campaign for the Market Street Corridor.


All of these updates can be found in our 2017 Year in Review Magazine! Read.


Along with Dr. Gray’s remarks, attendees were able to hear the latest city news from Mayor Mike Purzycki himself. During his keynote address, Mayor Purzycki gave a “State of the City” update on what his administration is up to and what they have accomplished. Mayor Purzycki touched on improved crime statistics, a new marketing plan for the city, and an effort to improve the city’s customer service.


He also dropped hints on the possibility of a big institution joining the city! Read New Market Wilm’s recap for more info below.


All in all, our 2018 Annual Meeting was a celebration. We looked at the present and future, as well as the past. We’re celebrating our 25th anniversary this year. To commemorate that, we created a video to highlight some of our many accomplishments.


A special guest, Christian Wills, poet and the creator of Market's UDCreamery's Sweet Jams Open Mic nights performed a custom written piece to commensurate WRC's 25th anniversay.  This season, Christian will be hosting OutSpoken!, spoken word nights, at the Rock Lot located at 305 8th Street in Wilmington's Creative District.


View Creative District Wilmington's community calendar to see Christian and others perform live at the Rock Lot.


Please make sure to visit the photo gallery to view all the wonderful photos of our anniversary event captured by Moonloop Photography.


We again would like to thank all those who sponsored this year’s annual meeting. We appreciate your support. And thank you to all attendees as well. We’re glad you joined us and we’re excited to join you towards the future of WRC and Wilmington! 










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