Jed Hatfield, Vice Chair of Wilmington Renaissance Corporation's Board

February 15, 2018

In order for Wilmington to grow, Mr. Jed Hatfield believes the development of its downtown is key.


“The downtown and corporate community in the city generates about 80 percent of the tax base for the city,” said Jed. “I think this is where you see the key driver for Wilmington. As we continue to transition, like many other cities have, to see more people living in the downtown areas, you’ll see some very positive things.”


Jed joined Wilmington Renaissance Corporation’s Board of Directors in 2013. He has been involved with the board’s Executive Committee as the Audit Committee Chair since 2015; adding to that role, Jed was appointed Vice Chair of the board in 2017.


Jed is the President of Colonial Parking, Inc., the family-owned parking and real estate company headquartered in Wilmington.


“For our company, it became a natural tie-in to start working with Wilmington Renaissance and their focus on economic development and trying to grow and improve Wilmington and the downtown,” said Jed.


From the beginning of his time on the WRC board, Jed has made it his goal to leverage his knowledge of Downtown Wilmington to the organization’s advantage. For example, Jed was a big part in bringing Philadelphia-based makerspace, NextFab to Wilmington's Creative District.


“In the last few years, many concrete things really started coming in to play in the Creative District," said Jed. "Not only with NextFab coming to Wilmington, but also you have vacant to vibrant taking shape, new murals going up... It all looking very bright and exciting."


Jed is a University of Delaware alumnus and a father of four. Outside of his busy professional life and work with WRC, Jed is an avid woodworker.  He said he likes to work best with reclaimed wood and works out of a personal workshop at his home. 





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