WRC's 2017 Annual Meeting—Wilmington's Arts & Culture: Improving Population Health

May 9, 2017

At this year’s annual meeting we put forward an idea. One that could change the way we look at the role of the arts in our communities. We revealed an opportunity for the city to participate in a multi-year and multi-city research project called Project HEAL. The project will strive to prove that robust arts and culture programming can improve neighborhood conditions and thereby improve population health.


After enjoying their breakfast in the beautiful Copeland Hall in The Queen, those in attendance heard more about Project HEAL from Theo Edmonds. Theo is the co-founder and partner at IDEAS xLab, a cultural innovation consultancy and think tank based in Louisville (K.Y.).

Project HEAL is their idea.


During his address, Theo introduced us to IDEASxLab’s work in the Smoketown neighborhood in Louisville. He also explained the research supporting the premise of Project HEAL — art has been proven to be a useful therapeutic treatment for individuals. Theo explained that Project HEAL will examine how arts and cultural assets can be used to build positive impacts on population health.


(You can check out a post-annual meeting interview with Theo — Watch Now!)



This year’s Annual Meeting also saw the debut of our first “Year in Review” magazine, which highlights all of our projects from 2016. You can find a digital copy of it HERE.



Visit WRC’s Flickr page to see additional 2017 Annual Meeting photos. (Photos by Alessandra Nicole)


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